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Best Registry CleanerWe have reviewed, tested and currently use each registry cleaner that you see on this website. We also perform extensive research on tech forums to determine what the actual users have been saying about the products.

Registry repair has advanced in the past couple of years to include speed optimization utilities to further improve PC operating speed. We predict that this ‘bundling’ of pc software will continue given how important speed is to end-users.

The results on this page summarize what we have found to be the top performing Microsoft registry cleaners. Each product on this page has been developed by large multinational corporations that specialize in PC software.

Detailed pricing and deals from the manufacturers can be found on each product’s review page.
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#1 Rated Registry Cleaner – 2015
System Mechanic
Editor’s Choice

System Mechanic - Best Registry Cleaner For 2014Pros: System Mechanic is the most comprehensive registry cleaner and pc speed optimizer that we tested.

It was able to prevent all freezes and crashes, it improved Windows start up time, it fixed various browser issues, repaired faulty internet connections, it updated a number of critical device drivers, and it compacted and streamlined our Windows registry. In short, our pc was as fast as when we first bought it.

We are very pleased that the company decided to make their license good for all PC’s in your household.

Cons: Since the product is so extensive in its repair and optimization routines, it does use a fair amount of memory. Regardless, the results are so outstanding that we found this to be of minor importance.

Bottom Line:
System Mechanic offered the most comprehensive and detailed windows registry repair of all the software we tested. The software is intuitive to use, yet allows experienced users to utilize more advanced functions. On the speed optimization side, System Mechanic also has over 50 optimization utilities to turbo charge your PC speed. Link on review page saves you $20. Using this software makes your pc perform as if it were brand new.

System Mechanic Website

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5 Star Registry Cleaner 5 Star Registry Cleaner
Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver - Top 5 Registry Cleaner For 2014Pros: Registry Reviver has an outstanding user interface that makes it a joy to run the software. We really like the automatic registry backup.

Cons: This product can only be installed on one PC, and believe it should be available to all household PC’s.

Bottom Line:
Registry Reviver is a high quality registry cleaner, and the engineers must have spent a lot of time to make this product so easy to use. Just one click and your PC will run flawlessly. Registry Reviver is powerful, easy to use and very effective at speeding up your PC.

Registry Reviver Website

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Fix It Utilities™

Fix It Utilities - Top 5 Registry Cleaner For 2014Pros: Fix It Utilities is a very thorough registry cleaner that fixes your registry quickly, and also optimizes your computer and browser for additional speed.

Cons: The software is limited to 3 PC’s, but we would like to see the product expand coverage to all PC’s in the house.

Bottom Line:
Fix It Utilities is a proven performer that delivers outstanding results. It cleans up your registry fast while optimizing additional speed on your PC and browser. Fix It Utilities is very reliable software that will significantly speed up your PC.

Fix It Utilities Website

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4.5 Star Registry Cleaner 4.5 Star Registry Cleaner
Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic - Top 5 Registry Cleaner For 2014 Pros: Registry Mechanic is one of the first registry cleaners on the market (the very first we tested), and continues to excel at repairing registries and speeding up pc performance.

Cons: This software is intended to be just a registry cleaner, but could be even better if it included more speed optimization features.

Bottom Line:
Registry Mechanic may be the best ‘pure’ registry cleaner in the market. PC Tools just enhanced this product to include outstanding additional speed optimization (see review page). If all you need is a powerful registry cleaner, then this is the best choice.

Registry Mechanic Website

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Regzooka - Top 5 Registry Cleaner For 2014Pros: Regzooka is one of the most thorough registry cleaners we tested, and also has one of the fastest scans. Regzooka excels at finding the problem.

Cons: The product has some very advanced features that would typically be utilized by the most experienced users.

Bottom Line:
Regzooka is powerful software that repairs your registry while optimizing speed. Their product is so strong that they have a 100% guarantee to remove all problems. Regzooka is an effective registry cleaner that will leave your PC much faster after you use it.

Regzooka Website

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